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About us

My name is Door and I’m the founder of home by Door. So I think Several of you know us as Kidscase Home, my formal brand that I started together with the owners of the children clothing company Kidscase.

When it comes to homeware designs, details matter! home by Door offers a wide range of timeless yet contemporary baby essentials from the finest qualities. Designer Door Fransen focuses on distinctive colour sequences, bold shades and fashionable monochromes, often carried out in fabrics with a textured feel and look. She invents pieces that will set your mood just right, with a deep love for textiles, craftsmanship, design aesthetic, form and functionality.
Our collection is developed in a sustainable and ethical manner because that matters to us too. We use organic cotton of a soft quality and part of our collection is handmade by people who just joined the Dutch community.

We hope that our products will be passed through from baby to baby to become beautiful evergreens!



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